Bhrigu Mahesh and Sutte meet Sherlock and Watson

‘In a nutshell, Sherlock Holmes was the genius of the physical realm of an investigation, whereas Bhrigu Mahesh is the genius of the mental realm and through him, I have tried to prove that the former should always follow the latter and not vice-versa.’

Nisha Singh, here interviewed in Lois Lane Investigates Authors, explains how her series takes inspiration from Sherlock Holmes but goes beyond the iconic British pair by having its duo probe the psyches of the suspects as well as examining physical and circumstantial evidence. Nisha’s detectives believe that human psychology can be analyzed as a regular science once we come to fully understand the workings of our minds.

I was drawn to this taciturn, mysterious man like a moth to a flame. — Sutte, on Detective Bhrigu Mahesh

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