Books in the Bhrigu Mahesh Series

In the idyllic village of Senduwar, fortune seems to smile on its poor residents when they discover precious pieces of a lost treasure accumulating on an abandoned floodplain purportedly haunted by the spirit of an angry witch.

The gold pursuit that follows benefits the lives of many but destroys that of a mother when her son, Malthu, dies in a freak accident a few feet from the treasure site. The superstitious villagers believe that the witch, Jiyashree, has risen from her sleep to punish Malthu—the first person to invade her resting place. Fearful, they abandon the hunt and return to their homes. When detective Bhrigu Mahesh arrives on the scene, the mother asks for his help to solve the mystery behind Malthu’s mysterious death. As Mahesh begins investigating with his unique style, he soon finds himself on the trail of a murderer that leads him to unveil astonishing secrets, beguiling lies, and a tragic tale of a selfless young girl.

In this compelling thriller, a great detective on a quest to solve a complex mystery must separate truth from legend in order to find a killer and restore order in an Indian village.

On his second adventure, Bhrigu Mahesh is called to help by a hapless, retired clerk named Nataraj Bhakti, who thinks he is being haunted by the spirit of his dead wife. As he investigates, the mystery deepens and takes a sinister turn. A woman gets brutally murdered, and the great detective faces the challenge to either catch the killer or risk the destruction of many innocent lives.

On his third adventure, Bhrigu Mahesh gets a visit from a famous builder called Govardhan Narayan, who is perplexed by his own house where he had lived for more than twenty years. It seems as if his kothi isn’t very accepting of tenants because as soon as the man puts it up for tenancy, mysterious events start to unfold. The old house is not at all fond of its new occupants and is forcing them to abandon it in sheer panic. When the fifth tenant hastily leaves the building, Mr. Narayan comes at the end of his wits and approaches Bhrigu Mahesh to solve this seemingly insoluble problem. Bhrigu accepts it at once but as soon as he begins to get to the heart of the mystery, his peace of mind is destroyed. _ is problem, it turns out, is not just a simple challenge but a puzzle which is going to shake the great detective’s faith in his own formidable talent and make him question his own splendid gift.

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